Our Story

We are a lifestyle clothing brand that promotes reforestation and an eco-friendly lifestyle. It is our commitment with you to plant 20 trees for every item you purchase to help the environment.

Image by Brian Garrity

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote reforestation and to inspire others to an eco-friendly lifestyle and also become the most eco-friendly brand in the world.

How the Movement Began?

Hi, I'm Hassan, founder of Forest Finery. I've always been a nature lover, and passionate about doing my part to help protect and save the planet. About 2 years ago, this led me to transition to a fully eco-friendly based lifestyle.

Immediately, I noticed health benefits and environmental benefits. I knew I had to share this experience with others, but I wanted to take it further than just my friends and family. So, in July 2018, I launched Forest Finery as a movement to plant more trees and help others to adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Antsanitia 2017 January Planting-1185 wi

Giving Back

We give back parts of our profits to environmental organizations.

Tree planting organization :
Eden Reforestation Projects

Trees Planted to Date


Ethically Made

Our apparel is produced from cotton which is one of the beloved material on this planet Earth without any harmful compounds

White Cotton Fabric
Image by Jason Leem

Our Goal

Our goal is to plant 1 million trees by the end of 2025, which will reduce climate change and help the environmnet.